Kasper Pyndt Rasmussen, Type, Graphic Design, etc.

Kasper Pyndt Rasmussen works with type and graphic design. The starting points, and main engines, of his practice are ① type, ② language and the relationship between the two. Through this exchange he aims to develop straight-forward design solutions that emphasise conceptual sturdiness and contextual awareness. This results (mostly) in the production of typefaces, publications, websites, and visual identities. After a longer detour to KABK in The Hague, he finished his MA at The Royal Academy (Copenhagen) in 2016. He has been working independently since January 1st, 2018 and founded Approximate Type in 2021. He currently shares a studio with Hanna Bergman, Laura Silke, Mads Sandholm and Reidar Pritzel.
Kasper Pyndt Studio
Griffenfeldsgade 22, st tv
2200 Copenhagen

(+45) 5094 4179
@approx.type @kasperpyndt


✲  ABC Dinamo
✲  AM Copenhagen
✲  Broste
✲  Danish Architecture Centre
✲  Kristian Touborg
✲  Krogerup Højskole
✲  Le Bureau
✲  Microsoft
✲  Other Means
✲  Regular Practice
✲  Seb McLauchlan Ltd.
✲  Spine Studio
✲  Studio Moniker
✲  Svinkløv Badehotel
✲  SMK – The National Gallery of Denmark
✲  The Royal Academy, Denmark
✲  The Shed
✲  Tradeshift


✲  Statens Kunstfonds Arbejdslegat, Kunsthåndværk og design, 2022
✲  Statens Kunstfonds Arbejdslegat, Kunsthåndværk og design, 2021
✲  Real Danish Design Awards 2020, Winner for Hieroglyf
✲  Statens Kunstfonds Arbejdslegat, Kunsthåndværk og design, 2020
✲  Statens Kunstfonds Arbejdslegat, Kunsthåndværk og design, 2019
✲  Creative Circle Award 2018, Gold for Flexibility (w. Urgent.Agency)
✲  Red Dot Design Award 2018, Winner for Flexibility (w. Urgent.Agency)
✲  HK Privats Ophavsfonds Legat, 2016


✲  2022: The State of Print, National Design Centre Singapore, Singapore
✲  2021: Amulet Magasin 2 Launch Exhibition, Playtype, Copenhagen
✲  2020: Real Danish Design Awards, Havnegade 29, Copenhagen
✲  2016: Soirée graphique No9 Norden, KOMET, Bern
✲  2016: KADK MA Graduation Show, Copenhagen
✲  2016: Specimen, La Fonderie, Geneva
✲  2016: OFF Programme: Typefaces, Bienale Brno, Brno
✲  2015: Display, Depot Basel, Basel