Kasper Pyndt Rasmussen (DK) is a type- and graphic designer from Copenhagen. Situated a few floors above a crossfit studio, he currently shares an office with fellow designers Hanna Bergman and Peter Folkmar. He runs the independent type foundry, Approximate Type. 

The starting point and main engine of his practice is type, language and the relationship between the two. Through this exchange he aims to develop straight-forward design solutions that emphasise conceptual sturdiness and contextual (self)awareness. This results—mostly—in the production of typefaces, books, websites, and visual identities.

In 2016 he obtained his MA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School for Design after a detour to The Netherlands, completing a year at The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. He has been working independently since January 1, 2018.

(+45) 50944179

Griffenfeldsgade 7A
2200 København N

Full CV


  • The Shed, New York
  • Other Means
  • Dansk Arkitektur Center
  • Det Frie Felts Festival
  • The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School for Design
  • Studio Moniker
  • Spine Studio
  • Olya Oleinic
  • Board of Government Advisors, The Netherlands
  • Kristian Touborg
  • Galleri Benoni
  • Andel Design
  • Microsoft KIN
  • Code Walk
  • TEAL Recordings
  • ArtRebels Studio
  • Beastie Respond
  • News Heroes and Pioneers
  • Transfigured Time


  • Real Danish Design Awards, Copenhagen (2020)
  • Soirée graphique No9 Norden, KOMET,
    Bern (2016)
  • KADK MA Graduation Show, 
    Copenhagen (2016)  
  • Specimen, La Fonderie,
    Geneva (2016)
  • OFF Programme: Typefaces, Bienale Brno,
    Brno (2015)
  • Display, Depot Basel, 
    Basel (2015)
  • Plan M, Jed Voras Gallery, 
    Paris (2014)
  • Wegner Remix Exhibit, Tønder Kunstmuseum,
    Tønder (2014)
  • Chaumont student exhibition, Chaumont Design Graphique,
    Chaumont (2014)
  • Library of the Printed Web, 
    New York City (2014)
  • After School Club 3, HfG Offenbach,
    Offenbach (2014)
  • Selection: What’s Inside the Koffer?, Haagse Kunstkring,
    The Hague (2014)
  • On Responsibility, Pip,
    The Hague (2014)
  • What’s Inside the Koffer?, Dutch Ministry of Finance,
    The Hague (2013)
  • After School Club 2, HfG Offenbach,
    Offenbach (2012)
  • Solo exhibition, Gallery FloskL,
    Copenhagen (2012)
  • Branding, Identity and Type, KADK,
    Copenhagen (2011)
  • ArtRebels Paper Cuts, Gallery VESS,
    Copenhagen (2010)
  • Directions, Arizona University,
    Tucson (2010)
  • Ung Kunst, Statens Museum for Kunst,
    Copenhagen (2008)
  • Krabbesholm Winter Exhibition, Krabbesholm,
    Skive (2008)